Mike Logan Stubbs is a singer/songwriter from Kent England. He started his career in a hard rock-metal band (After the enclave). The first performance Mike did with a band, managed to win a battle of the bands tournament in front of a sold out crowd.

Mike toured with the group for 4 years until deciding he wanted to start a solo career. Due to mental health issues in 2016 Mike attempted to take his own life. While in a really dark place Mike decided to write a song about his battle with mental illness. "Pain no more" was created and went instantly viral online. After a lot of encouragement from all over the world to many press articles on Mikes music, he has recorded an album which is set for release this year.

The album is titled "The demons". The first single from the album "Before the darkness comes" has a motivational music video raising awareness for mental illness. It has celebrity involvement and also footage inside Emirates stadium (Arsenal FC) for which they were very happy to allow.

With constant press and record label interest Mike is set to leave his mark in the music business worldwide.

"Thank you to everyone who has helped me overcome my struggles and encouraged me to fight and to keep writing music. You are what keeps me strong and keeps me going. I will never forget the ones who were there for me from day one. I have a lot of love for you all."

"Mike Logan Stubbs"